CoinMagic is Bitcoin trader in England. aIt transacts bitcoins in various markets in the world.

There are a lot of bitcoin traders and the price of bitcoin differs depending on markets. By buying Bitcoin at a market whose price is low and selling it at a market whose price is high, we can gain profit from the difference even if the price of Bitcoin fluctuates.

We are transacting with a way which is surely profitable in selling and buying Bitcoins. If there are funds from investors all over the world, we can gain more profit, and there is no limit in profit.

Every investor of our company can invest 0.5%(interest for 30 days) or 0.3%(interest for 7 days) daily.

The investment endures 30 or 7Business days according to investment plan.

The deposit will return. Although, there is 10% fee of withdrawal.

  • The minimum deposit price is 0.2BTC.

  • The maximum deposit price is 30BTC.

Yes. If you have more than 0.2BTC in your account, you can start.

Even if you do not deposit to our program, all investors who are registered to our company’s system can gain additional revenue by inviting new investors. You can gain 3% of partnership revenue depending on the deposit of invited partner.

Bitcoin’s minimum withdrawal price is 0.02 BTC.

You can pay through Bitcoin electronical payment system.

It will be operated as soon as withdrawal should be approved.

Please send request to admin@bit-saga.com and we will solve your problem asap.

Customer support is operated 24 hours a day. We receive demand from client 7 days a week, and will solve asap.